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Meeting about Cliff

At the recent public meeting with the Holme Valley Land Charity a number of proposals were made and some issues raised.

Local residents again pointed out the problems that they have parking outside their houses. From experience I'd suggest that the majority of the cars parked by non-residents at Cliff are actually people walking dogs or lazy cyclists who don't like going up hills, it would however be good if all climbers (and other Cliff users) could be aware of these issues and park well away from the houses on Cliff Road.

The issue of safety on the top path was raised, there seems to be confusion about who actually owns the land at the top of Cliff (Wooldale Cliff Road) and until this issue is sorted out it is unlikely that any new fences or walls will be constructed.

There was discussion about the selling of a plot of land adjacent to Cliff Road.

The general point of the meeting was to announce that the Holme Valley Land Charity wish to designate the majority of the Cliff site as Open Access Land, the management of this land would then be leased to the BMC. More details to come on this.



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