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ROKT - not a hoax!

Carl has been to visit ROKT:

"Being nosy, I thought it time to go have a look. So off we go to Brighouse this Saturday afternoon.
We were made very welcome (and a cup of coffee) and given a complete guided tour, from top to bottom. And I think I saw Blackpool Tower (or was it Emley Moor mast?) from the 'summit' of the main competition leading wall (not built yet, but the space is Gouffre Berger, if you'll allow the hyperbole).

There are so many nooks and crannies, rooms, caves, alcoves (yes, and silos) that it will take about six visits before you've found every zone. As in: "oh look another bouldering room with suspended stalactites... how come I never saw that before".

There were loads of busy guys, screwing it all together, T-nuts, panels, beams, all flying around. It will be a hectic race to get it open for March but I feel sure that some of the tastiest bits will be ready for action. By next winter, it could well be ranking alongside the biggest and best in Britain. Think of the complexity of The Castle... and then triple the height!
But for me, I think the best bit was the attitude of the guys in charge. Leigh and Euan are very receptive to ideas, very willing to talk about their project and, in so doing, create very strongly the feeling that you'll really want to 'belong' to this development. The words 'climbing community' rather than 'business venture' came to my mind very strongly.

So, good luck with the build, guys: no hoax: see you in March."



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